PA loudspeakersystems

PA-Loudspeakersystems of the Sound-Klinik offer a maximum sound quality, high mobility (i.e. compact dimensions and slight weight) and reliability.

The passive frequency crossovers that are especially developed for each loudspeaker system provide generously dimensioned hardware to achieve above average transmission characteristics, minimal achievement losses and very slight distortions for high safety in operation.

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For the bass reproduction exclusively horn systems and bass-hybrids are used because only with these concepts - with justifiable dimensions and weight - an acceptable degree of effiziency and level stability can be reached.

Conventional bassreflex- and bandpass-systems show determined to their construction contingent worse time behavior (resonator !) and through its insufficient acoustic impedance (and the therewith connected stronger cone move) in higher levels compression effects. Through the slighter degree of efficiency, the corresponding electrical power is moreover to high (... i.e. bigger and/or more additional poweramps are required).

Compact PA loudspeaker systems

These multilateral, very neutrally adjusted loudspeaker systems can be used as fullrange systems both for speech and music transmissions. Additionally the systems marked with ". M" and the multifunction box are also usable as floormonitors on the stage.

12"-PA-box SK-12.1.S product info (HTML) technical data filtering and EQ-settings
12"-floormonitor SK-12.1.M product info (HTML) technical data
10"-floormonitor SK-10.1.M product info (HTML) -
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Compact PA-Basshorns

These bass horn systems are itself optimal for bands and solo entertainer, who require maximum sound quality out of as compact as possible housing dimensions. Combined for example with two SK-12.1, an extremely efficient PA-systems can be realized, that can be transported even without problems in cars avoiding unwanted space-consuming.

15"-basshorn SK-15.BH product info (HTML) technical data
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High-performance PA-Hornsystem

This touringsystem consisting of the mid/high frequency system SK-210.MH and the hybrid basshorn SK-18.BRH is ideal for professional top40- and gala-bands, when a high-performance, excellently sounding loudspeakersystem for event sizes within ca. 1500... 2000 persons in simultaneously optimal pack measure is needed.

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18"-bass-hybrid SK-18.BRH product info (HTML) technical data

Loudspeakersystems for churches and sports halls

In particular churches and sports halls are very demanding on speech transmission. Special loudspeaker systems with cardioide directivity enable very high speech intelligibility not restricted in reverberant environment and offers also remarkable ranges when using outside.

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Cardioidstrahler SK-6.1.C auf einem Fußballturnier Cardioidstrahler SK-6.1.C im Pferdemuseum in Verden (Installation der Tonanlage: ERWE, Bremen)

Loudspeakersystems for permanent/fixed installations

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... Further systems
Especially for the installation area individual solutions can be offered after customer specification.

Such custom-made loudspeakersystems allow the optimal integration into available, already equipped accomodations - without putting up tonal compromises at the same time.