The man behind Sound-Klinik

Musician and physicist - a perfect combination !

... KONTIKI, Top40-Band, a few minutes befor entering the stage at Castle of Waldeck ...• Already since middle of the seventies Manfred Schuster (left photo: photographed ca. 1985) plays in top40-bands (at that time called "dance-bands") as a bass player, guitarist and singer in a regionally very well known dance band in the region of Bremen in Germany.

... rockfestival in Langenhagen near Hannover ...Manfred Schuster investigates a quite regular musician activity until about middle of the nineties. During this time, he not only plays in top40-bands but rather also as a bass player in several rock-bands in Oldenburg and Hanover (photo right: photographed 1992 in Langenhagen) and some further projects (e.g. some studio jobs).
In the meantime he plays ecclesiastical rock and jazz music in churches (one concert even ended with a small scandal, as the priest doesn't like such progressive music and an applauding parish during the concert).

From building boxes to loudspeaker development ...

• Although Manfred Schuster already during his school days begins with the building of PA- and Hifi-loudspeakersystems, he (during its physics study at the University of Oldenburg) then gets the opportunity to work with professional measure equipment and acquired know-how that finally leads to professional work.

... small-sized basshorn - combined with a fullrange system of a well-known manufacturer ...Because the department of physics of the University of Oldenburg is also equipped with a non-reflecting room, about middle of the 80er he develops a bass horn, which already at that time uses the tunnel length as a quarterwave resonator.

This bass horn then was reguarly used for the own Top40-Band (left photo, photographed ca. 1986 in a discotheque in Osterholz-Scharmbeck) offering both max. efficieny and very low dimensions.

Shortly before completing his physics study, Manfred Schuster introduces at the DAGA'89 (conference venue: Gesamthochschule Duisburg) a new, at the University of Oldenburg developed acoustic measure procedure, which enables measuring the reflection factor of the broadband determination dependending upon the angle.

• After completing his physics study at the University of Oldenburg in the field of acoustics (subject of the dissertation: "Acoustic Impedances") he then works with freshly diploma in phisics for the next 4 years in the quadral GmbH & Co. KG in Hanover as a loudspeaker developer and product manager.

As an active musician, he is fewer interested it the very successful quadral-HiFi-systems, but rather more of that in the business at that time not so very importantly seen PA-area, that expanded in the following years with many new systems.

In this time, successful systems as the compact 2-way PA-system PRO-150 and in addition the suitable passive subwoofer PRO-115 (with gigantic E-form inductivity !), the more powerful concert system consisting of PRO-200 (mid and high frequencies) and PRO-215 (low freqencies), and the floormonitor PRO-150M. All of that named systems can obtain very good test results in the trade press (u. a. FACHBLATT MUSIKMAGAZIN, SOUNDCHECK) - e.g. "best price-/achievement ratio".

Also in this time together with an electronics engineer he develops an active modular frequency crossover FC-01 (test report in the PRODUCTION PARTNER). It for the first time offers features that were not to be found at that time in any other competition product in this grouping (e.g. inaudible interruption of the signal in case of power failure, delayed switch on, highpass filter for the subwoofers with possibility of variation the crossover frequency and filter quality e.t.c.).

Further projects are music suitable compact speakers (e.g. pro-50T, SZ-100), very slim, space-saving column-speakers for churches and sports halls (used by notable companies - not only in Germany), and - in cooperation with a leading electronics manufacturer in the far east - developing a multilaterally usable product range of conventionally and modularly constructed 19"-sized powermixers.

The systems developed by Manfred Schuster with quadral became also the complete sound equipment of the MÜGA '92 (Landesgartenschau in Mühlheim) for the transmission of all music presentations (predominantly live) and speech announcements on the total MÜGA exhibitions grounds.

Time for an entirely other challenge: CarHifi ...

• Since middle of the 90er-Jahre M. Schuster is responsible for several years for acoustics and installation seminars about planning and installing high-value mobile sound systems in vehicles at the german CarHiFi-specialist macAudio. At the regularly completely fully booked and therewith always well visited seminars at several locations in germany and some foreign countries where supplier and CarHiFi specialists take part.

Together with the development engineers, the acoustic and installation specific possibilities and boundaries of vehicles are examined in order to develop tonal high demanding specific vehicle solutions. Next to the named activities, Manfred Schuster looks after in addition the specialty editorships as a press officer of the business and writes press and product informations.

For mac Audio, M. Schuster also develops the macAudio basshorn ("absolute top class"-rating in german magazine CAR&HIFI).

Practical experience that now pays itself ...

• Since the end of the 90er Manfred Schuster works as an independent developer and puts reinforces emerge based on its long-time experience as a musician the focal point then on compact and easy to use loudspeaker systems (e.g. for top40-bands and DJs) ... shortly afterwards very high-performance (and usually completely horn loaded) touring systems for larger organizations (like for example large places on city events etc.) are following, some of the systems that are individually devoloped especially for several distribution companies therefore do not carry the SK-Logo.

For some marketing organisations column speakers are developed for speech transmission in churches and gymnasiums, that are distributed in the inland and foreign countries either under the brand name of the client or as OEM-products. Further high-value HiFi-systems - and also homecinema systems - are developed for demanding music lovers "after measure" and are manufactured by an industrial production company (with CNC-fabrication) in the north of Oldenburg - just like the PA-systems of the Sound-Klinik.

• Additional fields of operations are customer specific special developments, generation of controller setups for PA-customers ... and room acoustic measurements (e.g. reverberation times in churches, interference and noise measurements at vehicles and industrial plants).